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Energy Storage System

One-Stop Solution For Solar PV Plant Wiring Connect
The solar energy storage system consists of photovoltaic equipment and energy storage equipment. The photovoltaic equipment will absorb solar energy and convert it into electrical energy, and the energy storage equipment will store the electrical energy generated by the photovoltaic equipment. When the power of the photovoltaic system is insufficient, the energy storage system will Through conversion, the stored electrical energy is converted into the required AC power grid for use. It has high power generation efficiency, low cost, helps energy conservation and emission reduction, realizes flexible adjustment of power resources, and can improve the security of the power grid.

PV Cable Wiring Solution For All Solar Systems

LEADER® solar cable is a highly flexible cable specially designed for connecting photovoltaic panels, compatible with all major connectors, certified by various international certifications such as TUV/UL/IEC/CE/RETIE, compliant with UL4703, IEC62930 and EN50618 standards, It is suitable for different photovoltaic power generation fields such as solar plants, rooftop solar installations and floating power stations. This versatile single core cable is designed to meet the different needs of the solar industry. It is suitable for various harsh outdoor environments such as rooftops, deserts, lakes, seasides, and mountains (climate environment with high temperature, high humidity, and strong salt content). 

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Installers and plant operators around the world rely on Leader solar system components. Worldwide, in 2021 our products have successfully connected more than 6.8 GW PV output.
Solar Connector

1500V solar connector types manufacturer for PV cable 

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solar panel cable connectors

UL solar panel cable connectors for 14/12/10 AWG PV wire

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solar branch connector

solar branch connector parallel connection of solar panels

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solar fuse holder

TUV UL Approved solar fuse holder 20A 1500V for PV systems

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solar diode

2000V 55A inline solar diode with Photovoltaic connectors

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solar wire harness

solar wire harness wiring solar panels in series parallel 3 in 1

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